Universal Shaft System:
One Frame. Five Shafts. Multiple Jobs.

Today’s tight budgets demand multi-functional equipment. The 1st Products Universal Frame with five available shafts raises the bar for versatility, addressing nearly every turf maintenance need. The frame’s unique swing hitch allows for easy turns, and with just a few tools, you can change shafts to start another job. And, our signature seed box works great with any of the five shafts creating another versatile tool and solving multiple seeding needs. Watch the video to learn more!

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Featured Product: 1st Products AERA-Vator UA-60T

The 1st Products AERA-Vator UA-60T is must-have for sports fields and grounds and commercial landscaping needs. The UA-60T is a self-contained AERA-Vator powered by a 21 horsepower Honda engine.  The 1st Products Universal Shaft System can also be integrated into the UA-60T for added versatility. The UA-60T meets DOT regulations for highway use and easily converts for travel.  Perfect for ballfield construction, renovation and infield grooming, the 1st Product UA-60T prolongs the life of y

1st Products AERA-Vator UA-60TVideo Archive

Watch the 1st Products AERA-Vator UA-60T in action, and visit our AERA-Vator UA-60T product page for more information.