Universal Shaft System:
One Frame. Five Shafts. Multiple Jobs.

Today’s tight budgets demand multi-functional equipment. The 1st Products Universal Frame with five available shafts raises the bar for versatility, addressing nearly every turf maintenance need. The frame’s unique swing hitch allows for easy turns, and with just a few tools, you can change shafts to start another job. And, our signature seed box works great with any of the five shafts creating another versatile tool and solving multiple seeding needs. Watch the video to learn more!

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Verticutting – An Important Part of Your Aeration Process

Aeration is imperative to healthy turf - but vertical mowing, or verticutting, is a healthy habit and a beneficial step in an annual turf care routine.  In its simplest terms, verticutting helps turf to take in vitamins. Verticutting deep cleans the turf canopy.  Vertical blades rotate through the turf, dredging up thatch and allowing the turf to breathe.  1st Products' Verti-Cutter, the VC-60 boasts a swing-hit

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The 1st Products Verti-Cutter is designed for continuous heavy-duty operation on all turf applications.  Depth adjustments can be made in the field with no tools using a simple detent pin in 3/16" adjustments. The Verti-Cutter's unique swing hitch allows easy turns around object, and the quiet all-belt design means no chains to maintain.  Watch the video below to learn more, and click here for more info.