Universal Shaft System:
One Frame. Five Shafts. Multiple Jobs.

Today’s tight budgets demand multi-functional equipment. The 1st Products Universal Frame with five available shafts raises the bar for versatility, addressing nearly every turf maintenance need. The frame’s unique swing hitch allows for easy turns, and with just a few tools, you can change shafts to start another job. And, our signature seed box works great with any of the five shafts creating another versatile tool and solving multiple seeding needs. Watch the video to learn more!

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Overseeding and Thatch Removal – 1st Products is Here to Help

Spring overseeding and thatch removal - the time is now!  An important factor in overseeding is seed-to-soil contact. Whether you have killed the existing turf for a complete renovation or you are seeding into an existing, live stand, seed isn't likely to achieve much contact with the soil without some help. You need some method of reducing thatch and opening up the turf for the new seed. Seeding rates may differ from those that you'd use in establishing a stand on bare soil. The competition

1st Products Seed BoxVideo Archive

The AERA-Vator can be purchased with the Seed Box installed or separately at a later date.  The Seed Box is also patented allowing both small and large seed varieties to be accurately metered with one feed wheel.  Seed placement can be moved from front to rear depending on application.  The 60” and 80” models are ground drive allowing variable ground speeds while seeding in all terrain conditions.  The 40” model is electric drive and is calibrated for a set (non-variable) ground speed.  Click here for more information.